Candela Boot Company, Weimar, Texas

This post, surprisingly, is not as much about cowboy boots as it is about chasing your dreams and doing the things you are really passionate about. I have known Mark Candela, founder of The Candela Boot Company, since 1982 when the two of us met at The University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas. Mark grew up... Continue Reading →

Grapevine, Texas

Grapevine, Texas is truly an amazing town located in the middle of Dallas/Ft. Worth. There are many fun things to do, especially on Main Street which has kept its style and old feel reminiscent of what the town was like 75 years ago. It is easy to find a parking spot and the get out on... Continue Reading →

Bandera Texas 100KM Trail Run

Our son is a former collegiate long distance runner and has always had an interest in trail running, especially "Ultra Running" which is usually described as 50KM (31 miles) or longer. Not too long ago there were very few of these races but they have grown in popularity and today there are hundreds that can... Continue Reading →

Clear Creek Natural Heritage Trail

As Annette and I prepare for an upcoming half-marathon we have taken the time to explore many of the trails that exist in North Texas. This shot was taken early on a beautiful, cool morning as we ran along the wilderness following the Trinity River north of Dallas/Ft. Worth. The trail is flat and gives you... Continue Reading →

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