Forgiveness. Why do I struggle so much with this basic concept? God calls us to forgive others and the Bible talks about this time after time. It is, quite simply, one of the most important concepts needing to be mastered if you plan to move forward into happiness and fulfillment. But yet, I continue to... Continue Reading →

Ready for Spring

I don't have much to say this morning other than I have had enough of rain and cold weather. We certainly needed the rain as it has been very dry but 7 days straight with nearly 10 inches? That's a bit much. So I decided to post some pictures from last Spring on our front... Continue Reading →


We usually write about hiking and the great outdoors but I ran across these photos from a few years ago when we raced the GTI in a local Sportscar Club of America event at the Texas Motor Speedway and thought I needed to post them. We put some helmets on, slapped our number on the... Continue Reading →

Hay is for Horses — Lost Art Press

Just as the Lost Art Press Horse Garage has been nearing completion, this happened. Whenever my sister or I said “Hey” as children, at least within earshot of our local grandma (the other grandma lived far away, in New York), we were gently nudged in a more genteel direction. “Hay is for horses,” […] via Hay... Continue Reading →


Alright, I confess I haven't quite got past Thanksgiving yet and the great day we had with our family. I wanted to get this picture in though, not so much as another celebration of the holiday, but to point out how great the hobby of photography is (sorry for the horrible segue).  I was wanting to... Continue Reading →

The Grand Canyon

Wow, until you have been there to see the expansiveness of the Grand Canyon it is is hard to imagine. Think of the forces at play to open a such a crevice and you think earthquake or a seismic shift of unthinkable magnitude. But, as I understand it water from the Colorado River over millions... Continue Reading →

John Deere Tractor

There is something therapeutic about the drone of a tractor as you mow acre after acre of land. Some undoubtedly will call that boring - and I certainly wouldn't want to do it everyday - but it has the ability to take your mind off things, especially the worry and stress that has been too... Continue Reading →

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